The Forest of Spirits (Alpha Group)

Dr. Zee: Medical log 00002

Patient 004: Danseroux Ainhoa Lien Mireille Iraina Sancia Elixabeta Azelise da Ysanne received treatment in the form of a cure extract for battlefield wounds.

Patients xxx: These unfortunate souls proved to be incurable; oddly enough they were already dead. I had heard of such a thing, but not yet witnessed it for myself. Had I the time I would have liked the opportunity for closer examination. Sadly, my other, living patients, required my attention. I was forced to euthanize these “undead” in order to move forward. There seems to be others though so there is still hope. As father always said, “you only fail once you’ve given up.”

Note: I discovered a naturally occurring poison, by the name of Black Frost, and was able to harvest some for future studies. The others seemed excited about the discovery as well; good to be traveling with enlightened minds.



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