The Forest of Spirits (Alpha Group)

Dr. Zee: Medical log 00003

Patient 002, Nate, was blinded by a plant creature; he recovered shortly thereafter, however he seemed quite distressed for the duration of the condition. I was able to extract the means by which the plant creature blinded him and perhaps with further study could create an artificial reproduction. Though I may have to suggest to Patient 002 that studying unknown effects through direct exposure is ill advised.

Patient 003, Tallus Lynch Witchem, was swallowed by the previously noted plant creature and was regurgitated entrapped in a seed pod. It appeared to be an attempt to utilize Patient 003’s nutrients to reproduce. He escaped before the process was complete, which while I am glad for his survival would be curious to see the completion of the cycle.

Patient 001,Teak Haslet Calandra Honeysuckle August Annwyl Sage, still lovely as ever, has suffered a series of tragic misfortunes. First being subject to an ailment she refers to as “soul rape”, for which I have given her one of my more expensive remedies (soul stimulant) to delay its effects. A part of me wishes I had accepted the 800 gold offered by patient 002. However, if it eases her pain it is well worth the cost. The second, her animal companion was swallowed by a remorhaz attempting to rescue her, and would have died had I not risked my own to save his. I must say it was a difficult choice for had I perished in the process it would simply have added to the victim count. Fate was with me on this day; though I do not wish to do such a thing again.

Patient 004, Danseroux Ainhoa Lien Mireille Iraina Sancia Elixabeta Azelise da Ysanne, has proven to be interesting indeed. She hails from a land far from here that has many unique customs such as using hand gestures to communicate emotions. She has agreed to teach me her customs and share her magic with me. I greatly anticipate working with her in the future; I sense it will prove profitable and enlightening.

Summary: I can now understand why Ameiko was so eager to have another doctor around.


These are right now my favorite things.

Dr. Zee: Medical log 00003

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