The Forest of Spirits (Alpha Group)

Roux: A Consideration of Knowledge

In addition to the oni locked in the lower levels and the araneas upstairs, there are apparently numerous other creatures that have taken up residence in the prison. We discovered some people who had been enslaved by a hobgoblin tribe down here. After setting them free, they described that the leader of the tribe (the self-proclaimed “swine shogun”) keeps a dire boar as a pet. They were ignorant of what is awaiting us on the lower levels, save that there is at least one more.

The hobgoblins have so far not proved nearly as difficult to deal with as the morghs. And quite pleasantly flammable. Shalelu-ren is a great help down here.

On that topic, it seems that she and Bastien have sorted things very well indeed. They both seem very happy, and I am gladder than I can say that they found one another. They are quite adorable together.

I wonder if I will ever experience such.

I know very well that I am probably being foolish

It is not the time for such thoughts. I have a mission to fulfill and more to learn.



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