The Forest of Spirits (Alpha Group)

Roux: A Festivity of Yetis

We have fortunately cleansed these tunnels of their evil presence and reconsecrated the area to Desna once more. Koya-rhes and Spivey-tzu are particularly pleased about this. It was not an easy task, but we managed—not before we encountered some extremely nasty mummies, however. Nate-rao unfortunately was afflicted by their taint. I was very worried about him, but Tallus-tzu learned a spell to remove curses and Teak-tzu knew one to cure diseases, so they were able to cure him. We were all most relieved.

We then encountered a group of yetis, whom I first perceived to be on the side of Fumeyoshi as they spoke of us as “defilers.” After some talk, it was revealed to be a misunderstanding. They were in fact Desna worshipers, and we told them that our mission here while passing through was to rededicate the tunnels to Desna. However, their chief insisted that we were the enemy. This seeming peculiar to everyone, and remembering that this is not the first time we have encountered an individual acting oddly, we wondered if perhaps the chief was possessed by an evil spirit of some kind.

This did turn out to be the case, the spirit being none other than that of Katiana, our most unpleasant adversary from the lightning tower. Nate-rao most skillfully dispatched her, and the yetis invited us to a party in celebration. It was a most enjoyable evening. I hope Shalelu-ren has recovered from her drink…



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