The Forest of Spirits (Alpha Group)

Roux- A Letter

[Addressed to the attention of the Council]

Being in receipt of your recent missive and acknowledging the Council’s intentions, I humbly fear that the presenting issue may yet be unsettled. I am aware of said allegations against Sonam Jun Lajos Andreu Roel Shen Santxo Bastien da Ysanne and have basis for belief that the honored court may have been misled in this instance, purposefully and willfully.

I therefore mount a formal challenge to aforesaid conviction, as is my right as a citizen of the Most Serene City of Xiuvri and a blood member of the house of Ysanne, and request a formal re-opening of the investigation into the murder of Osera Amarante Xiuwei Maela Iseul Cairin Irune Arantxa da Jieha. I regret that said action may prove inconvenient to the Council and the court; however, justice cannot be a principle held to timetables, nor is it always easily found when sought.

Until such time as matters are settled, I will await the Council’s further decision regarding my license and Right of Free Passage.

Yours sincerely,

Danseroux Ainhoa Lien Mireille Iraina Sancia Elixabeta Azelise da Ysanne



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