The Forest of Spirits (Alpha Group)

Roux: A Myriad of Quarrels

Our explorations through the prison continue. We are making good progress, I believe, though we met a great deal of resistance from some hobgoblins. We eventually eliminated their leader, but not before they had caused us a fair amount of trouble. Unaccountably, Teak decided to defend one of the creatures that had fallen unconscious (after her own attacks, no less). I can’t think what had gotten into her. The others were none too happy, particularly Shal-ren.

Two more of our number now have spirits: Bastien-rao and Shalelu-ren. The one with Bastien seems harmless enough, but I am concerned about the one that has taken up within Shalelu. She says it makes her hungry, but no other ill effects are as of yet apparent. Still, I am concerned. Mama Koya can force it out of her, but such an action carries its own risks. It is up to Shal-ren to decide what to do, I suppose.

The hobgoblin leader, a distasteful creature calling himself the Swine Shogun, proved a difficult fight indeed. He nearly struck a very powerful blow to Tallus, but Nate pushed him out of the way and allowed it to hit him instead. He was very upset. I have never seen him like that. I shall have to have a talk with him; it is one thing to use your anger against an opponent, but it is a fine line between that and letting it control you. I am concerned about what might happen in the future.

I have learned two new spells, one of which my new spirit friend will no doubt like. We are all getting stronger with practice, but I fear that our enemies will be stronger still. It is fruitless to worry, yet I cannot help myself sometimes. If we were to lose anyone else…

Enough. We shall just have to prevent it from happening.



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