The Forest of Spirits (Alpha Group)

Roux: A Variety of Escapades

We have obtained a new companion, which Shalelu is not too happy about. In truth, I cannot say I am easy with the situation myself, but it seemed dishonorable to simply kill him after Ameiko dismissed the charm. I hope he will not cause trouble, and I hope Shel will be all right.

We have defeated more oni. I believe we are nearing Munasukaru, if the increasing numbers of her children are anything to go by. I will be glad when we are out of this place. Even the walls seem hostile.

In the course of a fight with some more hobgoblins, Ameiko fell off the cliff we were on and into the water. I was very worried, but fortunately she was able to patch herself up. We then engaged in combat with some giant fish, which resulted in a fair amount of ridiculous antics.



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