The Forest of Spirits (Alpha Group)

Roux: A Whisper of Troubles

Much has happened since last I set down words on these pages, and I don’t know if summarizing all of it is strictly necessary. Shalelu-ren maintains her fast; she is on the last day now. I hope the spirit can be dispatched without too much trouble. Ameiko-ren has been accompanying us down into the prison, and has been most helpful, although I do worry about her.

Sad news: we have lost a dear companion. Teak’s bird, Axeth, fell to some hideous creatures who kept attacking with sound waves. Teak is planning on resurrecting him once we are through with the prison. I hope it works. I am concerned for her. She seems much more withdrawn than before.

Otherwise, we are making progress. We have found some of Munasukaru’s children and dispatched them. One was quite rude and doubted my capabilities. I did not get the chance to prove him wrong, alas, as I was petrified by this gorgon mount for the majority of that fight. Most embarrassing. The next oni decided to challenge me rather than Tallus, which, I confess, was a bit gratifying. Showing off is not my intention, but the road to perfect oneself is difficult and it’s nice to have some confirmation of one’s skills.

I believe my abilities are stronger now than they have ever been. I only hope it will be enough to help us all survive down here, and to help Ameiko-ren retake her family’s throne.



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