Chrorauis "Buddy" Kaehh

New best friend


“Buddy” was a warrior in the House of Withered Blossoms. After being Charmed by Ameiko, he ended up being viewed as a traitor by his former allies. Things were further complicated after his former comrades kicked him into a pit full of gorgons. Against all common sense, the party risked petrification to save his life.

Now with the charm worn off, Chrorauis was left with in an interesting situation. His former companions wanted him dead (not to mention his former ‘goddess’ Munasukaru), yet these strangers (who messed with his head) had not only treated him better but actually risked themselves to save him. He chose to join the caravan and still seems to actually favor Ameiko despite his evil disposition.

Not everyone thinks his presence is a good idea.

Chrorauis "Buddy" Kaehh

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