Mister Nathan Scruffles

Sophie's Dog


Male Guard Dog (Dutch Shepard)

N Small Animal
Speed 40’
HP 10

Str 13
Dex 13
Con 15
Int 2
Wis 12
Cha 6

Base Att 0 CMB 0 CMD 11 (15 vs Trip)

Bite +2 (1d4 +1)

Feats: Skill Focus Perception

Special Abilites: Low Light Vison, Scent

Tricks: Attack, Defend, Down, Guard, Track

Skills: Acrobatics 5(9 jumping), Perception 8, Survival 1(5 when tracking)


Mister Nathan Scruffles was born on a small farm in the country. The farmer already had enough dogs, so he put them in a basket, and took them with the next time he went to market. Nathan was largest of the litter, but more importantly he was the smartest, cause when a lovely young lady named Sophenelle passed by he jumped right out of the basket. The young woman realized this puppy’s potential and took it upon herself to train the dog. From that day forward they have been inseparable partners on the adventure of life.

Mister Nathan Scruffles

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