The Forest of Spirits (Alpha Group)


Note to self: pretty girls deserve pretty dresses and there is really nothing I can do with that much clothing.

Not safe here

Teak's Journal: Entry (11)

The day has been… interesting to say the least.

We arrived in the city and… I don’t like it. At all. It unnerves me and puts me on-edge and I feel like I’m always being watched or followed or something. I hate it!

Tallus has stuck by my side, though, which I really appreciate. He’s so nice! We also happened to meet a young human boy named Kay, and he was very fun and interesting!

Before that, though, we ran into some barbarians on our way into the city. I think I’ve been spending too much time with Nate and Tallus lately because I was very excited at the opportunity to kill one of the unconscious barbarians.

But I was able to use a spell to make Kaleth super strong! He didn’t make contact too often, but when he did, it was awesome!

Oh! After we got into the city and Tallus and I were exploring, we were being followed by someone (who turned out to be Kay!). So I turned into a dog to track him down. That’s a thing I can do now; it’s really cool!

It turns out Kay was following us under orders of some mysterious hooded men he had been hired by. I decided that it was probably in our best interests to ask him to feed the men false information, and we’d pay him for it. He agreed!

I really hope this doesn’t come back to screw us over.

Roux: A Scrutiny of Cities

Dear Feliu-rhi,

I send my kindest felicitations and blessings for you and your kin, and undertake with eagerness the pleasure of writing your honored self.

We have reached the city of Kalsgard. Once we depart, I may not be able to send my letters for some time, but rest assured that I will continue to write them. I must maintain a way of tracking my progress, after all. Once we have obtained Ameiko-ren’s sword, we shall continue over the Crown of the World to Tian Xia. In order to do so, we are also seeking a guide who is familiar with the area.

I have found the house of the merchant in whose possession Ameiko-ren’s honored grandfather left the sword, but I feel it is best to tread carefully. Our actions have already been noticed in the city; Tallus-tzu and Teak-tzu said they were followed by a Tien boy who was hired by mysterious individuals in black to report on us. It would be best to avoid the notice of Ameiko-ren’s enemies until our position is more secure. Fortunately, they had the presence of mind to bait him over to our side instead.

I have discovered several new spells in this city, including one which will allow me to go without rest for a night with no ill effects. This should prove most useful in the course of my studies; I will be able to get much more reading done this way. I have in addition learned several others, all of which shall be useful on the road ahead. I have also started learning from Haugen-tzu, our wainwright, the manner in which to repair the wagons. His expertise far outstrips my own, of course, and shall continue to do so, but it may well be that there will come a time when he and Sandru-tzu have need of another pair of hands. Kelda-tzu has most kindly offered to teach me Skald; I am beginning to pick up the basics.

The city Kalsgard itself is a most intriguing place. From its size, one would assume it to be a civilized place (as indeed it is in some ways; it is pleasant to sleep in a bed again for a little while), but it is very…raucous. Brawls and debauchery appear to be a daily occurrence, so mundane as to not even be remarked upon. Kelda-tzu says that this is the way of things here. It is a wonder that the city does not simply collapse in on itself with so many goings-on, but it seems to remain functioning, albeit in a somewhat haphazard manner. Is it the nature of the people that allows it to be so? Is there something about the place itself that affects them?

Philosophical questions aside, it is proving to be an interesting study.

I remain,
Your devoted student,

Luma: Hell

Well fuck me six different ways and shit ten bricks; we are finally leaving the bitch-ass ruin and getting on with our bitch-ass journey. Fuck, son; I was getting so fucking bored out here! There aint shit for a delicate young flower like myself to do in this hellhole. No fuckin’ place to move my fuckin’ goods, no one is trying to get in my pants, no dumb-asses to fleece; all I’ve done is swindle Bee and Vee outta more coin than I’d have thought their backwoods asses could have managed to part with. Shit, I can’t wait to get back to decent fucking civilization.

I got shit to do, money to make and other needs to attend to. Damn, I’m glad someone woke up the boss lady, she at least keeps it interesting around here. Time to head to a place where I can be worth a damn again.


Walthus: End Over End

So I learned something while traveling so far. As it turns out, horses are NOT, in fact, very much like snakes. At all.

While this would be normally very concerning to me and Mr. Vipers, it hasn’t been so bad. Sophie brought home a new friend named Bitey. He is so friendly and cuddly; maybe in the next town we could get a few more like him and have them pull our carts instead of horses. I think that’d be a great idea.

Oh. And I guess something happened to Ameiko and then a bunch of stuff happened and now we are traveling with a butterfly, and another big lady. When did all this happen?

Spivey: Everlong

New scenery at last! And plenty of new faces too! Desna (whoo!) seems to be favoring her favorite little friend today! So far everyone seems like a lot of fun to travel with? Wait…not everyone. The big lady is a little (a lot) intimidating. I better keep an eye on her so I don’t get smished accidentally (or on purpose). But the fun people outweigh the bad anyway. Especially Nate. He is such a cutie (ooh la la)

Oh Mistress, if you could see me now! Off on the road again, righting wrongs, fighting evil, watching destiny unfold: you would have loved it. Alas…hopefully Lady Desna (yeah!) and you are getting along. I hope so, she sure has been treating me fine lately.

This. Trip. Will. Be. So. Much. Fun!

Praise Desna! (Yeah baby!)

Kelda: Better Off

Finally out of that thrice-damned cage and fortune continues to favor me. While I have no longer any rights to the spoils, the conditions of my life-debt seem to favor me. I have heard talk of my homeland as a potential destination.

This may not be an easy journey; I am unaccustomed to overland travel. It looks to have a more claustrophobic feel. Not to mention the annoying insect and the boisterous woman. I hope I do not need to kill either of them. The weregild that would be owed to my companions would be considerable…especially since they own my life already.

Well, life is a trial of skills, it shouldn’t ever be easy.

Haugen: Monkey Wrench

After many hours of continuous effort I finally managed to complete my appointed task. Not a moment too soon, it seems; once the more adventurous types returned we set off immediately. Curious, but not really my business. By the sound of things my contract may have the potential to be extended past the initial agreement.

Excellent. The opportunity to remain employed is an always welcomed surprise, as is the chance to converse with someone so well versed in etiquette. Quite the shock that it was the young one, Danseroux…but then again, perhaps it makes sense; the world hasn’t spoiled her yet.

Bevelek & Vankor: Another Round

“Ei bine, frate, aceasta a fost o excursie interesantă mic.”

“Este cu siguranta are. Ei continua să fie difuzate în jurul ca copii pierdut la un târg.”

“Nu-i așa? La leasing fata Ameiko în cele din urmă este de până și despre. Nu-mi place să văd un astfel de om destul de blocat în pat.”

“Dacă nu e patul tău. Ha, ha.”

“Ha! Cred că da. Oricare dintre aceste doamne prinde ochiul tău"?

“Nu chiar, cele mai multe sunt prea scurte pentru mine. Eu nu sunt ca tine.”

“Ce este că ar trebui să însemne asta?”

“Vă păstrați ochi dulci puțin Roux!”

“Ce? Oh, foarte amuzant.”

“Deci … unde ne îndreptăm acum?”

“Cine știe.”


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