The Forest of Spirits (Alpha Group)

Teak's Journal: Notes and Overview (3)

When I woke up in the morning, I headed back over to the tavern. As I was sitting outside with Kaleth, Tallus and Nate came out with a pie to bring to Koya. I accompanied them and we had a nice chat with the woman.

Within the first few moments of entering the caves, we met a human-sized spider, defeated it, and then ran into six skeletons.

I REALLY don’t like fighting the undead.

I don’t know that I was very useful today. We ran into a lot of undead skeletons and neither Kaleth nor I were able to be of much assistance.

Contents of the warding box? A family treasure? I’m intrigued.

We are now putting together a caravan to take to Brinewall. The journal is expected to take around sixteen days. I’m looking forward to it — I do enjoy travelling and exploring.

Sophie: Dead people shouldn't take holidays they should stay home and rest

Dear diary, dead people are gross. Recently I learned that dead people can get back up, and it is scary, and wrong, and I really hate it when they do that. It’s bad luck to mess with the dead. Sam always told me to respect the dead or bad stuff would happen. You know who should have listened to Sam? Tally should have listened to Sam. I told Tally not to play with dead things, so he ignored me and got stabbed. He wasn’t the only one though, Nate decided to try and be a hero. Everybody knows hero is just a nice way of saying suicidal. He keeps getting himself hurt, he is so frustrating sometimes. I mean, what if something happens to him? I have to keep a closer eye on him or get him armor that can keep him safer. If only I had more money. Then I could get him some really nice armor like mine. I can’t have him just running about getting stabbed all willy nilly. I would have had enough money too, if it wasn’t for that meddling kid and her stupid tricks. I think she might be a witch. Can witches be children? Are there baby witches? I don’t know, but she seemed to know a lot about curses. That makes her suspicious.

On a side note. I found some stupid letter in my new sword and it says there is treasure to be found. Sandru, out of the kindness of his heart, offered his services in the acquisition of said treasure. His generosity is boundless I’m sure. I just have to find the treasure before the little girl does. The little girl is after my treasure, but I won’t let her trick me again. There is no way in hell or Golarion I’m letting her take me treasure! I’ll have to ask Cortez to keep an eye out. Nothing escapes the gaze of the conquistadors.

On another side note I have to share a wagon with Ameiko. “I’m Ameiko, I’m pretty and everyone loves me.” Well, I killed a swamp monster, and a cave monster, so take that Ameiko. Well, when I get my treasure I’ll buy a bigger tavern and hang all the monsters from the ceiling and people will say, “Who defeated all those monsters? Everyone knows The Hammer defeated those monsters. Wow, she sure is amazing.” I’m awesome. Sophie out!

Cortez: Dos Caminos

Hoy en día, llegué a una encrucijada. Me llevó a una cueva, así que lo conquistó para España.

Roux: A Musing Letter Unsent

My dear brother,

Though these words will never reach your eyes—should never reach your eyes—I shall feel better for setting them down. Indeed, I have often composed letters to you as a brief diversion, for there are some things that I need not report to either Feliu-rhi or our family, and at times I have need of a friendly ear, even an imaginary one. My now-traveling companions are mostly good-hearted, but they are a boisterous lot, and there are times when I feel very far from home indeed.

I have made a discovery about one of my companions which has given me much to reflect on. He is a dhampire, vampire-progeny, like the stories Shukhia-vois used to tell. She spoke of them as evil creatures, fit only to kill and destroy. But I do not believe he can be evil…he has been nothing but helpful and courteous. He has even been making an effort to learn proper expressions. Is it not true that our paths are set by ourselves alone, and not defined by what we are born?

You would make light, and tell me I am being too serious, but it is not him which truly concerns me. He was injured in the course of a fight, and since he cannot be healed by ordinary means, this left him much weakened. He will heal over time, but slowly, and anything further would require him to feed. I thought of getting him an animal, but it seems that the effect only functions if it is a sentient being.

For a moment, I contemplated finding him such. Someone properly condemned, of course, but it was sure that the city would not give up one of its prisoners, particularly without an explanation. I even wondered if there were other means by which I could obtain such an individual.

But that would not be conducive to the peace of the city, even were I able to accomplish it. Such thoughts are foolish, for the welfare of the many outweighs the needs of the one. I had not thought I would ever be in a position to contemplate such a thing, and it shames me to realize that I considered it as an option, however fleetingly.

I can only attempt to protect him as much as possible while he recovers, and assist him in obtaining a creature to feed upon should it be available through proper means. I shall not shame the name of Ysanne.

You alone, I believe, would understand my reasoning. Is this friendship? Is it presumptuous to call it by that name?

[Roux reduces the letter to ashes.]

Roux: A Convergence of Caravaners

Dear Feliu-rhi,

I send my kindest felicitations and blessings for you and your kin, and undertake with eagerness the pleasure of writing your honored self.

It would seem that my path does not lay in Sandpoint after all. We are set to embark on a journey to Brinewall—‘we’ meaning the others with whom I have been investigating, Ameiko-ren, Shalelu-rhes, Sandru-tzu, and a venerable fortune-teller, Koya-rhes, along with several others. We are to be caravaners for the time being. I have been assigned the position of guide, so I shall be much occupied studying the path to Brinewall and its surrounding area.

The reason for our journey lies in the distant past. We explored the caves as we intended, discovering in the process another walking skeleton by the name of Tsutamu. He spoke of a “loss of honor” and “failure,” and would not be talked out of attacking us. Although Tallus-tzu was grievously wounded in the fight, we emerged victorious.

Tsutamu-tzu had been guarding a chest which contained several artifacts of Tian origin, as well as a great deal of money and other valuables. (Such contents were, of course, split up equally among us.)

Within an old wakizashi, we discovered a letter, signed by a man by the name of Rokuro Kaijutsu and addressed to his son. It spoke of a “warding box”, and hinted that Rokuro-tzu and his family were in grave danger attempting to guard such an item from their enemies. What such an artifact is, I can only surmise at this point. This was not the end of the mystery, however, for Ameiko-ren, upon reading the letter, grew quite pale and said that this Rokuro-tzu was none other than her grandfather, about whom her father had refused to speak.

It was indicated that the treasure was in the family’s vault in Brinewall, and so to Brinewall we go. I am as curious about the contents of the vault as I am eager to aid Ameiko-ren in the search for her origins. I shall report further when I know more.

Until then, I am, as always,
Your respectful student,


Note to self: dead things don’t know how to stay dead in these parts.

Teak's Journal: Notes (2)

Shalelu is proud of me. I caught her glancing back and smiling at me.

The swamp witch wasn’t in the shack. We were attacked by large rats, and Tallus was scared. He ran away. I am disappointed in him. Nate chased him and left Roux and I to deal with the animals, as Sophie was still asleep back in the village.

After defeating the dead witch’s familiar, we discovered a detailed map. We traveled to two ship wrecks to investigate. The first was uninteresting, but the second — mostly ruins — was guarded by skeletons.

Cortez: Revista Segundo

I conquistó dos barcos. El primer barco no ofreció resistencia, pero la segunda nave, ahora que era interesante.

Roux: An Inquest of Shipwrecks

Dear Feliu-rhi,

I send my kindest felicitations and blessings for you and your kin, and undertake with eagerness the pleasure of writing your honored self.

We have been continuing our investigation of the path upon which we have been set. We left in the morning to meet with the swamp witch. Sophie-tzu was still asleep, so we departed without her and left instructions for her to meet us. The home of the swamp witch appeared quite abandoned, and the others took that as license to simply force the door open and walk inside. Is that an accepted custom out here?

We encountered some very unpleasant rats in the process. I am ashamed to say that I did not achieve my best against them. A ratling—most likely the witch’s familiar—used a spell-ability (as far as I surmised) on me, and I ran. It gave me scant comfort that Tallus-tzu suffered the same effect. If I cannot control my own mind, I cannot hope to succeed. And in front of the others, too. Shalelu-rhes told me that as long as I learned something from the experience, it was not shameful. I know your honored self has made similar statements in the past.

In any event, we found the witch—or what remained of her. A spell she had attempted had clearly not gone as she would have wished it. We did find a map, however, which depicted two shipwrecks and a system of caves. We agreed that we would visit the shipwrecks first, and see what information we could glean from them. On the way, we found a river monster, and Sophie-tzu had me ride on her shoulders—which was rather childish, but also rather enjoyable.

The first was rather barren, but I copied the writing on the side of the ship to show Ameiko-ren. The second contained some skeletons, which came to life upon our approach! Nate-tzu took the name of this ship as well. When we returned to town, we asked Ameiko-ren to translate. She said the writing was Tien, and peculiarly, her family name was part of the ship’s name. She was unaware of any possible connection, but asked us to apprise her of any further information.

Everyone else was quite rambunctious later in the evening, and Nate-tzu set off fireworks. Tallus-tzu and I took tea on the roof. I believe we may be developing a rapport. He is even making an effort to learn proper speech and expressions!

Tomorrow, we shall be exploring the cave system. I have every hope that we will find some answers to this mystery that has confronted us, and advance my skills in the process. I have learned several new spells in my studies, and believe I finally understand now how to channel spells through one’s weapon. I am sure I shall have occasion to attempt it tomorrow.

Until we meet again, your respectful student,


Teak's Journal: Notes (1)

These people are extremely weird. I think they have a duck following them. They are a violent bunch.

I do not like this “Sophie” woman. She’s an idiot and she wants to attack me. She continues to call me a child, despite my excessive protests, and it’s very annoying.

Kaleth is doing well with these battles. His training has gone well, it seems! But I wonder how this party will do, as we seem to get along… oddly. Though I suppose we fight decently enough together. And it’s not like we’ll be a group for too long, anyway.

Note to self: the goblin chief is more than a bit of an idiot, but he was helpful in discovering who attacked the goblin village. And he is entertaining.

Sophie cut the chief’s head off and brought it back. Tomorrow we will follow the trail that was found and attempt to talk with the swamp witch. I hope it goes over well.


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