The Forest of Spirits (Alpha Group)


Note to self: be wary in spiritual forests but take a break to stop and actually look around.

Roux- A Letter

[Addressed to the attention of the Council]

Being in receipt of your recent missive and acknowledging the Council’s intentions, I humbly fear that the presenting issue may yet be unsettled. I am aware of said allegations against Sonam Jun Lajos Andreu Roel Shen Santxo Bastien da Ysanne and have basis for belief that the honored court may have been misled in this instance, purposefully and willfully.

I therefore mount a formal challenge to aforesaid conviction, as is my right as a citizen of the Most Serene City of Xiuvri and a blood member of the house of Ysanne, and request a formal re-opening of the investigation into the murder of Osera Amarante Xiuwei Maela Iseul Cairin Irune Arantxa da Jieha. I regret that said action may prove inconvenient to the Council and the court; however, justice cannot be a principle held to timetables, nor is it always easily found when sought.

Until such time as matters are settled, I will await the Council’s further decision regarding my license and Right of Free Passage.

Yours sincerely,

Danseroux Ainhoa Lien Mireille Iraina Sancia Elixabeta Azelise da Ysanne

Roux: An Attack of Festivities

It has been some time since i last wrote, but we have had little opportunity for such things. We defeated the dragon Zasrion, a fight which was quite difficult, but we managed it. I afterwards did some experimenting with the Striding Fortress and was able to determine how it worked enough to steer us around.

We left the Fortress in the hands of the Barrow King, who will hopefully provide a more amenable ruler than Zasrion. At the very least, he will not be so inclined to kidnap people and skin them. Though Zasrion will eventually be remade, I trust that the Barrow King will be able to hold his position. He is quite powerful.

We emerged again into the real world, where the others were quite relieved to see us all unharmed. Ameiko-ren in particular seemed to have disliked the wait immensely. I was perhaps overly rash in stating that she should not come with us. It is true that we are on a dangerous path, but I know all too well that staying back and waiting is often harder than going willingly into danger. Perhaps I was thoughtless.

We continued on our journey and were greeted most delightedly by the ruler of this next city, Ordu-Aganhai. He was quite pleased to receive foreign visitors and insisted we stay for five days of feasting in our honor. This place is….strange. They place such a premium on courtesy and manners, which is a change from anywhere else we have been previously, but it is all slightly…off. It is almost more difficult to try to interpret new rules than operate in a place with none whatsoever. We are not used to such welcomes, but the prince and the city do not SEEM to mean us any harm, nor do they seem to know anything of our identities or our mission.

The feasts so far have been quite diverting. I must confess that it is nice to sleep in a real bed again. And the library….ah, the library. I haven’t seen one this grand since I left home. It is odd; I was not homesick until now. Everything was so different that there was not space. But here….it reminds me just enough of home for the inconsistencies to be glaring.

Everyone seems pleased with the chance to relax, at least—or nearly everyone. Shalelu-ren is on edge, as she is not comfortable in cities. The citizens’ superstition that touching an individual with blond hair is good luck does not help; they often contrive to bump up against her or Tallus-rao (who does not mind nearly so much; in fact, I think he rather enjoys it). Ameiko-ren, however, seems delighted. I am glad. I was growing worried about the pressure that has been placed on her. It is no easy task to be an Empress, and she feels unprepared. It is not surprising. If you were here, I am sure you’d know what to tell her. I do the best I can. Bastien-rao has been keeping her company as well, which I am glad for. He is so much better with people than I.

Until we meet again, I remain,

Your devoted student

Roux: Drain

Finally, we have found Shalelu-ren and Sandru-tzu. They are with us, and they are safe. Now all that remains is to face Zasrion and escape this place.

We encountered some succubi along the way. They were….thoroughly unpleasant. But they were defeated.

I wasn’t able to

I was compelled to do whatever they said, even if

I now know the effects of a dominance spell upon an individual. I failed to resist it. I am only glad that I was not ordered to turn upon my companions, for I do not know if I would have been able to object.

I thought my mind was stronger than that.

I am obliged to Bastien-rao and Shalelu-ren for saving my life, and to the others for aiding in quickly killing the succubi. I hope to never face such creatures again, but if I do, this time I shall be ready.

I will not lose myself a second time.


Note to self: Shadow demons aren’t anything to mess with. I now know what it feels like to have a literal out-of-body experience and it was definitely not fun.

Teak's Journal: Entry (20)

WE FOUND THEM! And they’re alive!

I’m so relieved.

Roux: Resolve

They are safe.

We are still here for the time being, but Shalelu-ren and Sandru-tzu are all right, skins intact. I am concerned about Shal-ren, though….I hope she will be all right….

We participated in a very peculiar play and encountered several other oddities, but now have made our way to Zasrion’s castle. I hope we are able to defeat him quickly; I am worried about the others whom we left behind.


Note to self: stay away from genies.

Also, since when was Juliard into dudes?


Note to self: wandering into weird carnival universes is complicated, dangerous, and stupidly time consuming. Also, for you, plays are to be watched and not participated in.


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