The Forest of Spirits (Alpha Group)


Note to self: werebears are actually a thing. A hairy, smelly, weirdly awesome thing. Today I have learned something new.


Note to self: Making plans that don’t fall through can actually be beneficial from time to time.

Roux: A Multiplicity of Investigations

We continue to investigate the manor purchased by Silverscore, but we have not yet found much of use. We did capture an individual with the intent of questioning him, but he too died before telling us anything. This trick of the enemy’s is getting very irksome. I wonder if the individuals who have this spell upon them know it, or whether it is placed upon them without their consent.

I believe Nate-tzu and the others were inclined to try a somewhat bloody method of obtaining the information we need, but they did not get the chance. I do not know what I would have done in that case.

We need to find a solution to this problem quickly, before anyone else gets hurt.

Teak's Journal: Entry (13)

I don’t like bird ninjas.

I also don’t like rickety stairs. They freak me out. Those ninjas tripped Tallus and he fell off the stairs, but Roux managed to catch him with a feather fall spell. Then, of course, I fell off the stairs, and Nate just barely caught me.

That was scary.

At least Kaleth attacked the guy that tripped me and literally ripped his arm off. I’m so proud of him, and I’m so glad Nate caught me.

Note to everyone: avoid rickety stairs. Do not approach them under any circumstances. You might just fall to your death. (One of the bird ninjas did.)

Roux: A Prayer

Lao Rhi, a good woman has fallen today. She was not a follower of yours, but I as your acolyte would take it as a kindness if you were to deliver her soul into the hands of her gods, whichever those may be.

Luma Urtilia, of unknown family provenance, was a kind person and a valuable member of our caravan. She walked along her path with joy and curiosity, and all who knew her found their lives brightened in some way. She died with knowledge unparalleled in the arts of negotiation and business, a remarkable achievement for one of her years. She was not granted an honored death in pursuit of wisdom, but was murdered by a coward hiding in shadow. She shall be remembered fondly, and her killers will be brought to justice so her soul may find peace. In the name of Ysanne, it is thus sworn.

May she be reborn on a higher step along the path to wisdom. May we left behind reflect on the shifting nature of life and not waste our moments with frivolous concerns and petty quarrels. May those who committed this crime receive their just punishment. These blessings we ask of you, Lao Rhi, in the name of knowledge and wisdom.

So let it be.


Note to self: Life is far too fickle a thing.

Roux: Private Reflections

We are still attempting to track down Ulf-tzu. Every lead we have received seems to evaporate into smoke, but we must keep on the trail. We have learned that the Rimerunner’s Guild is linked to the local thieves’ guild, the Frozen Shadows. Their calling card? A feather, of the sort that we found in the temple where we were to meet Uksahkka-tzu. These individuals would seem to be doing their best to impede our investigations, throwing inconveniences and the like in our path.

We must investigate this guild and its head, Thorberg Silverscore. In the course of our investigations, it was necessary that Nate-rao and I go into disguise and examine the Rimerunner’s Guild hall. He played the part of my father. Tallus-tzu told me to act like an ordinary child, so I kept in mind Irakli-xue.

It was necessary, to maintain the disguise, that I display emotion on my face as we spoke. How embarrassing. I do not wish to reflect further.

Sophie:The Sophinator

Today an old man tried to pick a fight, but I totally won the argument. He was no match for the Sophinator!


Note to self: Remember, being able to dupe people is a good thing.

Teak's Journal: Entry (12)

I won’t say I’m not upset, because I am. I’m very upset, but I’m also really conflicted. We ran into a situation where people were being killed and injured for something that was likely not their fault, and most of my friends wanted to retreat to stay alive. What was I supposed to do, leave those poor people to die in the smashed temple?! Apparently so! But I didn’t. I stuck it out. Yes, Sophie took a lot of damage, but that was HER choice, and I can’t make her or stop her from doing anything.

They could have all walked away from the fight, but I wasn’t going to go anywhere. The new girl, Si’R or something like that, stayed too. At least I can trust she’ll help me save people who need saving. Not that I can’t trust the others… because I do! I do trust them, I’m just… upset.

NOT TO MENTION! I got my soul molested again. I HATE IT. I hate this, I hate fighting with my friends, and I hate feeling cold and violated.

I just want to go back to how it was when we were on the road, when we were at Brinewall. I want to talk to Nate in the trees and I want to gossip with Tallus in small taverns and I want to play with Kaleth in the woods. I want to get to know my friends. FRIENDS, something I’ve never had outside of Kaleth. And he’s… more like family. He’s all I’ve ever had, and now here I am, with all these great people, and…

I just want everything to be okay.


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