The Forest of Spirits (Alpha Group)


Dear Feliu-rhi,

I send my kindest felicitations and blessings for you and your kin, and undertake with eagerness the pleasure of writing your honored self.

We continue investigating Ravenscraig. I have been learning to wield Suishen-tzu; although he is heavier in my hand than my rapier, I believe we shall get along quite nicely.

We encountered some trolls, whom we fooled into believing we were simply on business in the castle—which is entirely true. They then let us pass without incident. We were, however, obliged to fight several individuals, including a woman of the sort Suishen-tzu calls a ‘ninja.’ She was a most formidable opponent, but at length we defeated her.

Our investigations have yielded little else thus far, save for some interesting items and a note presumptively from Svein Bloodeagle, the ruler of these parts. It stated that the bearer of the note could command the subjects called housecarls to obey their orders. Upon closer inspection, it proved to be a forgery. Perhaps the guild is not so well supported as they pretend.

I will add to this note when I have time.


Note to self: When you are told that something pusses, don’t stab it. Ever. It’s nasty.

Roux: A Superfluity of Mysteries

Dear Feliu-rhi,

I send my kindest felicitations and blessings for you and your kin, and undertake with eagerness the pleasure of writing your honored self.

Much has happened since I last wrote. I have had a most peculiar meeting. When we were going through the city of Kalsgard to resupply, who should appear but Bastien-rao! He is much the same as ever, although it is strange that the council should grant him the dispensation to leave the city. Is everything well at home? (I ask, although you will not receive this message until it is safe to send such again. I am saving my father’s writing paper for emergencies only.) It is odd that he should appear so suddenly, having sent no word. He assured me that all was well, but even so…

Regardless, as he does not seem inclined to return home just yet, we invited him along with us on the caravan. It will be dangerous, but it is better than letting him get into trouble on his own.

We have not yet found Ulf-tzu, or the irksome Wodes, but we have made a most fortuitous discovery. We have found Ameiko-ren’s family sword! He is INTELLIGENT, and speaks! I have read of such things, but did not think to ever come across one. Sophie-tzu believed he was cursed, and attempted to throw him back down the well in which we found him, in spite of my efforts to explain matters to her. Finally, Tallus-tzu was forced to trick her into thinking that Nate-rao could remove the “curse,” and she therefore subsided. HONESTLY. Suisshen-tzu (for that is his name) will be accompanying us on the journey, although he has decided not to speak aloud in Sophie-tzu’s presence anymore. A wise decision, I think.

He is a fascinating weapon with many properties. It seems I will get the chance to study them further, as he has graciously granted me permission to wield him until I can return him to Ameiko-ren.

He also informed us that there is an oni in this place, a fearsome foe named Kiman-datsu. We must face such an individual before we leave, or she will no doubt continue to harry us. The assassins coming after us—he called them ninja—are hers, it would seem. No doubt it is they who are responsible for the fate of poor Luma-tzu.

We must finish our investigations quickly. The sooner we can see the back of Kalsgard, I feel, the better.

Until I write again, I remain,
Your devoted student,

Teak's Journal: Entry (16)

We found the sword! His name is Suishen. He’s cool. We’re friends now.

But we haven’t been able to find Wodes yet. We searched in the tower and he wasn’t there, but a lot of birds were. We’re still searching.

Suishen tells us that there’s an oni in here, too. She’s apparently very powerful and dangerous. I’m not really looking forward to fighting her.


Note to self: be careful with shiny magical objects in reference to Sophie. I don’t understand magic that much, but she understands even less.

Sophie: Shiny and new
I’ve got, a shiny new bow, and a big bag of potatoes! I’ve got, a shiny new bow, and a big bag of potatoes! I’ve got, a shiny new bow, and a big bag of potatoes!

And I got a horse.

Roux: A Confluence of Questions

Dear Feliu-rhi,

I send my kindest felicitations and blessings for you and your kin, and undertake with eagerness the pleasure of writing your honored self.

We have continued our explorations of the strange manor owned by Silverscore, which is proving most hostile. First we were faced with a werebear, now a peculiar talking bird whom Teak-tzu says is a druid. He was a most aggravating opponent; he flew out the window when he perceived his life to be in danger.

We have still not located Ulf-tzu, but we did find a man locked in a cell here, a merchant by the name of Lute. Lute-tzu was most appreciative for his rescue, and due to circumstances here becoming hostile to him, was quite willing to join our caravan when it was suggested. He shall be a valuable ally, I am certain.

I was somewhat humbled by several of the ninjas in this place. Most embarrassing. It is difficult to fight against an opponent one cannot see; however, I believe the spell glitterdust shall remedy this problem somewhat in the future. I am fortunate to have companions willing to assist me.

Another strange development: Si’R-tzu has vanished. She had been growing weary of the danger—it is possible she may have one of those dispositions not amenable to fighting. She picked up the book of Tallus-tzu, which she emerged from in the first place, and was promptly gone. I do not know where she went, but I hope that she finds her way back to where she came from, or someplace else to her liking. She did leave us with parting gifts, which was very kind of her. With Lao Rhi’s will, she will find her own path.

We were forced to retreat to Kalsgard to rest briefly, but we shall be returning promptly. I have learned the basics of wandcraft, so I shall be occupying my morning constructing a wand. Teak-tzu will be helping me enchant it, as I do not know healing spells.

Ameiko-ren says that not all family ties are formed in blood. It is an odd way of thinking, but it does have a certain appeal. To be sure, at the very least, I expect they will be friends-like-family before this is all over.

I hope all is going peacefully in the Most Serene City and that yourself and my family are well. I believe we should be leaving Kalsgard soon, and I am not sure how well I will be able to communicate on the road. The Crown of the World is not conveniently equipped with outposts. I will write when I can.

Until then, I remain,
Your devoted student,

Teak's Journal: Entry (15)

We met another druid today. I’ve never met another druid before. But… it turns out he was the one who summoned the earth elemental that destroyed the temple and hurt or killed all those innocent people.

I’m really disappointed. I was hoping I could be friends with another druid if I met them, but… I don’t think I can be friends with someone like him. Why would he do that to those people?

And he’s a big bird. It’s weird.

Oh, also… Si’r left. She disappeared back into the book she came from. I don’t know where she went, but she’s gone from where we are. I hope she’s okay wherever she is.

Well, I suppose it’s time to go back and start fighting that other druid again. I hope it goes better than it did last time, since I kind of almost fainted.


Note to self: look in to getting some sort of potion that inflicts wounds.

Roux: An Enmity of Ninjas

Today I have learned that my strength needs great improvement.

It is quite difficult to fight against an enemy one cannot see. I shall have to study ways in which to eliminate this problem. Teak-tzu’s faerie fire spell is effective in this regard, though it only works if one knows where one’s enemy is to begin with; I am certain there must be other methods as well.

I must research further and train even harder. Though I am not afraid of death, I do not wish my path to be cut short in this place, before I can even fulfill my duty to Ameiko-ren. I do not wish to be sent to join the gods so far from home.


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