The Forest of Spirits (Alpha Group)

Roux: Resolve

They are safe.

We are still here for the time being, but Shalelu-ren and Sandru-tzu are all right, skins intact. I am concerned about Shal-ren, though….I hope she will be all right….

We participated in a very peculiar play and encountered several other oddities, but now have made our way to Zasrion’s castle. I hope we are able to defeat him quickly; I am worried about the others whom we left behind.


Note to self: stay away from genies.

Also, since when was Juliard into dudes?


Note to self: wandering into weird carnival universes is complicated, dangerous, and stupidly time consuming. Also, for you, plays are to be watched and not participated in.

Roux: Continuation

We are proceeding through this strange realm. It is an intriguing place, but I regret that we do not have the leisure to look around. We are seeking out the Mold-Maker, Marzalee. The individual identified as the Tick-Tock Man wishes us to obtain some grubs from her. I do not approve of this course of action, sneaking about and thieving, but the others seem set on it and we have no time to waste in discussion. Sandru-tzu and Shalelu-ren’s lives hang in the balance.

The Barrow Man, fortunately, was inclined to cooperate with us after a small scuffle.

I fear that we are running out of time.

Roux: Disappearance

We have found ourselves in a strange place, not of this world. As far as I can surmise, it is a realm intimately linked to the Harrow fortune-telling deck. Everything in here seems to represent a card of the deck.

Sandru-tzu and Shalelu-ren are missing. We have come here to search for them.

We need to get the tokens of nine “conspirators” in order to find the others and leave this place. So far we have encountered a lying, riddling rakshasa and a rabbit hero (who was quite nice, all things considered). We do have a guide, who has proven helpful.

He says his master skins mortals. He says that Sandru-tzu and Shalelu-ren are likely in his castle.

I am worried.

Roux: A Festivity of Yetis

We have fortunately cleansed these tunnels of their evil presence and reconsecrated the area to Desna once more. Koya-rhes and Spivey-tzu are particularly pleased about this. It was not an easy task, but we managed—not before we encountered some extremely nasty mummies, however. Nate-rao unfortunately was afflicted by their taint. I was very worried about him, but Tallus-tzu learned a spell to remove curses and Teak-tzu knew one to cure diseases, so they were able to cure him. We were all most relieved.

We then encountered a group of yetis, whom I first perceived to be on the side of Fumeyoshi as they spoke of us as “defilers.” After some talk, it was revealed to be a misunderstanding. They were in fact Desna worshipers, and we told them that our mission here while passing through was to rededicate the tunnels to Desna. However, their chief insisted that we were the enemy. This seeming peculiar to everyone, and remembering that this is not the first time we have encountered an individual acting oddly, we wondered if perhaps the chief was possessed by an evil spirit of some kind.

This did turn out to be the case, the spirit being none other than that of Katiana, our most unpleasant adversary from the lightning tower. Nate-rao most skillfully dispatched her, and the yetis invited us to a party in celebration. It was a most enjoyable evening. I hope Shalelu-ren has recovered from her drink…


Note to self: Mummies are bad news and Stormkiller is the best sword I have ever owned. Fuck that bitch. And not in the sexy way. Ew.

Roux: An Annoyance of Spiders

I do not wish to encounter enormous spiders again. Most unpleasant. Bastien-rao jumped in front of me after it bit me, which was exceedingly rash of him. Nate-rao was poisoned attempting to collect its venom after we defeated it, which was MOST unwise. If he was going to attempt such a thing, he might have at least followed proper venom-gathering protocols.

Not much to report other than unpleasant arachnids. We have reached several towns and did a great deal of resupplying, in addition to selling those things we were no longer in need of. I have begun learning Hon-la, in preparation for our next destination.


Note to self: this world is not wanting for crazy people and this will not be the last time I meet one.

Roux: An Abundance of Explosions

Well, we have now emerged out of the extremely bitter cold into the merely rather bitter cold. I am fortunate in that Suishen-tzu shields me from the worst of it. It is not the least of his favors; I confess that I will be a bit melancholy when I am obliged to return him to Ameiko-ren. Apart from anything else, his conversation is most intriguing.

We have fought the woman who claimed ownership of the tower and the presumed cause of the harsh storms, and prevailed, though it was a difficult battle. She had an extremely powerful lightning spell that I shall have to study in greater depth. Though I prefer to utilize a mixture of magic and swordplay in my own endeavors, there are times when getting close to an enemy is impossible or unwise. I shall have to learn more spells that function at range.

We also discovered some chrysmals, peculiar creatures that appeared to be some sort of scorpion made out of crystal. What they were doing in the tower, we have no idea. They only spoke Terran, and we were unable to inquire as to their purpose. They were not unfriendly, however, until Zee-rhua made the unwise decision to take one of their crystals from them. Curiosity is entirely understandable, but one cannot simply take things from others (unless of course those others have been hostile and duly defeated). The chrysmals went after him, and he ran away with his ill-gotten gains. When we emerged from the tower, they had roughed him up quite a bit. Though it was entirely deserved, I gave him a potion anyway.

We traveled onward, but were interrupted by an enormous horde of undead. I was able to utilize some spells that I do not yet entirely understand; it took a great deal of study to understand the basics. It is fortunate that fire is most effective against these types of creatures. The caravan was also attacked during the fight, but mostly escaped unscathed. I am worried about her.

It seems we are on our way to a nation called Hongal, where we will be able to resupply somewhat. I should attempt to study the language before our arrival. Things have calmed down slightly; I had a chance to speak with Nanuuaq-tzu. We had a most intriguing chat.

I have been learning a great deal, but it is nice to have some quiet time. I have not had the chance for much reading lately.


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