The Forest of Spirits (Alpha Group)

Dr. Zee: Medical log 00004

I’m reminded of a time, which seems like forever ago, when I was but a boy. My father took me to a small village deep in the wood, he told me the people there had been quite receptive of the wares he peddled, and he was hopeful to do more business with the locals. I would later come to realize that his choice, though bold, was very impulsive. I suppose in many ways I take after him, but that village proved to be his downfall. Of course this being much later on. No, at that moment he was simply a salesman, as simple as any salesman can be, it isn’t easy work convincing someone they need something. He was never the best at it either. He often barely got by, but that time he was certain. He wanted to earn enough money my mother could open her own practice and he was convinced this town was the key. We went first to the home of the village leader, Fahim Gelhaad, I believe his name was. He was large and grizzly, with a big black beard that appeared to be a bear taken residence upon his face. When he spoke the ground seemed to quake as if to acknowledge he was speaking. His eyes were as spears piercing your heart. Yet, my father looked right at the man, without fear or hesitation, and spoke to him as an equal. I digress, I feel I have been rambling I should probably document my findings. I can ramble more later.

Patient 002, Nate, managed to make it through the fight nearly unscathed. Surprisingly nimble for someone always lazing about. I do wonder if he has somehow found a way to focus that paranoia into some sort of energy source. It could also be a side effect of the Go Go Juice. Further monitoring definitely suggested. He does seem to able to take advantage of my distractions. Though it is hard tell if he is highly perceptive or merely opportunistic. Probably both. I mean I did witness him jump off the back of a giant condor. Side note: suicidal tendencies.

Patient 001,Teak Haslet Calandra Honeysuckle August Annwyl Sage, a wildflower blooming in a barren wasteland, being the aforementioned condor has a unique condition in which she transforms into large animals. It doesn’t seem to have any negative side effects, aside from some unusual grooming habits, but I should certainly like to know more before I can make any confident statement. I will say it is the most extraordinary thing I’ve seen and I once treated a man with working thumbs on his feet.

Patient 003, Tallus Lynch Witchem, took quite the beating. A common trend it seems. He used some Go Go Juice and an application of bladeguard. He seems an above average swordsman and I only say because I don’t hear of many great swordsmen getting stabbed or blasted as much. I honestly can’t tell if he is fortunate or tragic. I haven’t developed a cure for back luck; at least not yet.

Patient 004, Danseroux Ainhoa Lien Mireille Iraina Sancia Elixabeta Azelise da Ysanne, faired well, though I suspect that talking sword had something to do with it. The child’s exceedingly high intelligence I doubt will cease to marvel.

Side note: A strange device seemed to sap the ability to think right out of me, had we not found a magic scroll I may have been condemned to a life of mediocrity. A tragedy I would wish upon no one. You’d think I’d have learned by now not to let my curiousity get the best of me. I shall have to thank patient 004 for assisting me in the recovery of my greatest asset. A mind truly is a terrible thing to waste; or lose.

Teak: Deja Vu

The thought went through her head that maybe she should have taken some time to heal herself before they came up here. Maybe she should have worried more about herself.

It was too late now, though, with the monster’s mouth around her and about to swallow her any second. She could see into its belly — the fiery, red-hot pit that was about to be her grave. Oddly enough, she wasn’t scared or anxious; she was only curious and a bit resigned. There was nothing she could do anymore to stop it.

Just as it was about to pull her into its gut, there was a force pushing her out of the way. She didn’t see how it happened, but the next moment, the creature was swallowing Kaleth instead.

The scream that came from her was shrill and panicked.

She couldn’t move as she knelt on the ground where she had been pushed. She could only watch in shock and terror as her friends desperately tried to save her companion.

He was dead. He had sacrificed himself to save her, just like…

Kaleth was dead.

It was this thought that kept her immobile as the others fought.

Tallus shot it, and one more lightning bolt from the still-in-effect spell of hers brought the monster down. Then Nate cut open its stomach and they were barely able to convince Dr. Zee to pull the body out in time.

It happened so quickly, but to Teak, it seemed to take forever.

She was by Kaleth’s side in an instant. As soon as she’d seen him breathing, she was there, spells on her lips and fingers. He was alive. He’d survived it.

Once she was certain he was healed, she collapsed on top of him. Sobs of relief and terror overwhelmed her. He licked her face affectionately.

Kaleth was alive.

Dr. Zee: Medical log 00003

Patient 002, Nate, was blinded by a plant creature; he recovered shortly thereafter, however he seemed quite distressed for the duration of the condition. I was able to extract the means by which the plant creature blinded him and perhaps with further study could create an artificial reproduction. Though I may have to suggest to Patient 002 that studying unknown effects through direct exposure is ill advised.

Patient 003, Tallus Lynch Witchem, was swallowed by the previously noted plant creature and was regurgitated entrapped in a seed pod. It appeared to be an attempt to utilize Patient 003’s nutrients to reproduce. He escaped before the process was complete, which while I am glad for his survival would be curious to see the completion of the cycle.

Patient 001,Teak Haslet Calandra Honeysuckle August Annwyl Sage, still lovely as ever, has suffered a series of tragic misfortunes. First being subject to an ailment she refers to as “soul rape”, for which I have given her one of my more expensive remedies (soul stimulant) to delay its effects. A part of me wishes I had accepted the 800 gold offered by patient 002. However, if it eases her pain it is well worth the cost. The second, her animal companion was swallowed by a remorhaz attempting to rescue her, and would have died had I not risked my own to save his. I must say it was a difficult choice for had I perished in the process it would simply have added to the victim count. Fate was with me on this day; though I do not wish to do such a thing again.

Patient 004, Danseroux Ainhoa Lien Mireille Iraina Sancia Elixabeta Azelise da Ysanne, has proven to be interesting indeed. She hails from a land far from here that has many unique customs such as using hand gestures to communicate emotions. She has agreed to teach me her customs and share her magic with me. I greatly anticipate working with her in the future; I sense it will prove profitable and enlightening.

Summary: I can now understand why Ameiko was so eager to have another doctor around.

Teak's Journal: Entry (19)

I’m sick and tired of this. Sick and tired of it.


Note to self: Being blind still sucks.

Dr. Zee: Medical log 00002

Patient 004: Danseroux Ainhoa Lien Mireille Iraina Sancia Elixabeta Azelise da Ysanne received treatment in the form of a cure extract for battlefield wounds.

Patients xxx: These unfortunate souls proved to be incurable; oddly enough they were already dead. I had heard of such a thing, but not yet witnessed it for myself. Had I the time I would have liked the opportunity for closer examination. Sadly, my other, living patients, required my attention. I was forced to euthanize these “undead” in order to move forward. There seems to be others though so there is still hope. As father always said, “you only fail once you’ve given up.”

Note: I discovered a naturally occurring poison, by the name of Black Frost, and was able to harvest some for future studies. The others seemed excited about the discovery as well; good to be traveling with enlightened minds.

Roux: A Multitude of Acquaintances

Our time accommodating to the atmosphere has thus far been relatively uneventful, although we have met two intriguing individuals in the past several days.

One was a mysterious man, very pale, who had been haunting our camp of late. Upon investigation, Tallus-tzu and I spoke with him. He seemed to have some business with Tallus-tzu, and so he invited him to meet. As he did not request Tallus-tzu to come alone, I thought it unwise to have him wander off on his own. Therefore, we all accompanied him. It seems that this man, Xavian-tzu, is in fact the father spoken of in Tallus-tzu’s journal! He seems like a decent individual, if somewhat odd. But I suppose that may be expected in one of his…persuasion.

The other individual whom we have encountered is a man by the name of Dr. Zee. He is most diligent at his trade and seems like amiable company. Fortunately so, for it seems that he is an acquaintance of Ameiko-ren’s and is to accompany us from here on.

I will be eager to be on the road again, though this waiting has provided an excellent opportunity for my further studies.

Dr. Zee: Medical log 00001

Patient 002 Nate received treatment for dysentery. Progress still being monitored, but outcome looks hopeful. Recovery expected soon. Then payment will be discussed.

Patient 003 Tallus Lynch Witchem received Fire Ward Gel for sun protection. Remember to bill later.

Patient 001Teak Haslet Calandra Honeysuckle August Annwyl Sage Rowan Antaeus Tarragon received no treatment, but is an angelic wild beauty worthy of note.

Patient 004 Danseroux Ainhoa Lien Mireille Iraina Sancia Elixabeta Azelise da Ysanne recieved no treatment but appears to have unusually high intelligence for a child of her age. Which would warrant investigation and possibly non-invasive experimentation.

Summary: It should prove lucrative traveling with these individuals. I anticipate a increase in sales.


Note to self: look in to poisons more. They are really handy.

Sophie: Go big or go home and get something bigger.

I’ll tell you how it went down. Nate and I convinced a village we could solve all their problems by fighting their dragon. Naturally, they understood we were just that awesome. But, there was one that didn’t believe. So he died a fiery death; Cortez also knocked over his rocks. There was some tragic collateral damage however, he somehow managed to turn Teak into a giant bat. It was moderately alarming, but she got better. Then we returned to camp to reassure them we are still the best dragon hunters this side of Varisia. Now I will train them for war! The machines will come forth and crush our enemies, for I am a mighty, mighty, fortress!


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