The Forest of Spirits (Alpha Group)

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A Parting Wish for a Daughter of Xiuvri Far From Home (Roux)

My dear Azeli-
I know that you will encounter great success on your journey. Remember your teachings and mind your interactions with those whom you meet, and you cannot fail. Doutzen will watch over you until you reach your destination. I will be praying each day that you will attain the wisdom and knowledge you seek. Go knowing the blessings of Lao Rhi follow you.
~Your mother

Azeli-ti- [little Azeli]
Though it pains me to see you go so far, I know you are very capable and will be surrounded by honored friends and acquaintances. You must remember well the world you see outside Kaladay; I am sure you will see many wondrous things. No matter how much you learn, do not lose your sense of wonder, for it is only if we maintain our sense of amazement that we may continue to learn. I will miss you, dear heart, and I will look forward to the day when you return to our city a woman grown, with stories of your own to tell.
~Your father

Azeli-yue- [little sister, Azeli]
May the gods bless your path, little sister, and fortune speed your journey. Grow well, grow strong, and bring your strength back to us.

Study well, and if you come across some camouflage lichen, do send it along. I believe that the Varisian species has some most unique properties. Do also sketch any Thassilonian runes you find in your research and send them on, and if you happen to come across any Hero’s Brew—ah, Bastien shows impatience. Fortune and wisdom to you, little sister.

If I let Seraphie keep writing, we’d stand here all day. And don’t be fooled by Aiko’s curt words, little sister. She’s hiding her face behind her fan like a girl of three as we write this——- [the pen strokes trail off sharply]
And lo, I have recaptured the letter! Fear not, little sister, I shall be sure to keep them all in line in your absence. I know you’re off to study dusty ruins, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself out there.
~Your favorite brother, Bastien

Favorite brother, indeed. Bastien just wishes you to forget about the time he lost you in the market—ah, he protests. I look forward to hearing of your discoveries, particularly as you learn new spells. I wonder if foreigners have the same spells as we do. If you find any unknown ones, be sure to learn them well so you may teach them to us.

Saveria-ren-i [Saveria, elder sister by minutes] forgot to mention that you should also write the spells down. Your memory is prodigal, Azeli-yue, but it is best not to leave such things to chance. That said, I wish you all the best on your journey. I know you’ll make us proud!

Ah, I envy you, little sister. How grand it would be to see the world outside Kaladay. You will have to write letters detailing everything. Oh, but I am afraid everyone here is being quite demanding of your energy; we do not mean to make a chronicler of you! May the gods bless your journey. Shukhia-vois [Shukhia, our mother] will be praying for you, and I shall pray as well. May Daikitsenn show you favor.

By the time you come back, I’ll be even smarter than you! Safe journey!


Note to self: Get some chloroform.

Sophie: Goblin's bad wrap

Woke up this mornin’ and I had me a drink.
Sandru said, we got some Goblins and they really stink.
Said chill out my brother, there’s no need to fret
I’ll put em all down, of that you can bet.

So I gathered my crew and I hit up the tavern
Lil quack, D snack, N wack, and T’cavern
Got a big ol hammer that needs it some work
Ameiko gave us some kids, lil girl and the twerp
She all like, bring it all down, bra bra bring it all down
bring it all down, bra bring it all down
bring it all down, bra bra bring it all down
head out in the woods find a brother around

So we headed to small house; like a doll house; found a man creepin round like a small mouse
he be frontin and stuntin, and making nuthin from somthin
changin faces in places, makin trouble for races
and at the end of the day, we just bust him like vases

Short man feelin good, now he’s got back his hood
So he whipped up a meal, like I told him he should
To the trail little man, like you told us you could
strange creature, strange feature, lurking out in the wood.

Broken down gate, at the goblin town
fire burning hot, make the goblins frown
built high, still die, knock the whole place down
were not the first people that been comin around

Headed up the boardwalk; for a little talk; little crown, sittin round, all full of mock
Better take stock; house gunna rock; big boom, knock em down, close up the shop

Job’s done, head back to the bar
Need a rest after travelin far
Droppin heads, yeah we cleaned up yo mess
Sit back, relax, don’t stress
Yo preacher go on heal me up
It’s hard work kickin all that butt

Cortez: The Green Men

Viajé a un pequeño pueblo. Cuando me pareció que los hombres verdes. La señorita Sophenelle, causado mucho dolor a los hombres verdes.

Roux: An Acquaintance of Goblins

Dear Feliu-rhi, [Master Feliu]

I send my kindest felicitations and blessings for you and your kin, and undertake with eagerness the pleasure of writing your honored self.

I hope your return journey to Xiuvri proceeded without incident. I have been settling in quite nicely in Sandpoint. Your honored friend Ameiko-tzu is most accommodating. I have taken to calling her sister. Her honored friend Shalelu-rhes has been demonstrating to me the proper use of a bow. My explorations at the ruins have so far been quite illuminating. I believe I have developed a better understanding of the conjugations of the Thassilonian subjunctive verb, which has enabled me to progress further in my translations. I have enclosed an excerpt for your perusal, at your leisure, of course.

Yesterday was quite interesting. Ameiko-ren informed me that she had a job for me, and requested that I go with several of her acquaintances to deal with some goblins that had been causing trouble near the village. Of course I accepted. Those vermin are a plague here too, it seems.

These people were all most interesting. There was Sophie-tzu, a giant, uncouth woman with a dog and a duck; Nate-tzu, a rather diffident man who nonetheless rebuked me for my manner at one point (Apparently Conversational Flow is not a practice these people observe. I shall be more careful in the future.); Tallus-tzu, a pale man with a scimitar; and Teak-tzu, a gnome woman with a thylacine as a companion! I may have been overeager in my attempts to examine the creature, whose name is Kalleth, but I hope that we shall be amiable in the future. (Kalleth, that is. Teak-tzu is quite friendly.)

The goblins were rather vexing, but by no means beyond our skills. I am hopeful that I was a credit to Ysanne, to you, and to Xiuvri. (Unfortunately, we were not in time to save the many books that the leader of the goblins boasted of destroying, which makes me feel rather ill when I think about it.)

The odd thing was that the village appeared to have been raided by someone else before we’d made it. And in fact, we’d found the halfling who was our guide held prisoner in his own home by a very peculiar creature. (I could not identify it, nor could any of my companions.) The goblin leader spoke of “many pale men” who had taken some “shinies” from the village, killing many goblins in the process. Once we had obtained the information we needed, we fought him and triumphed, although he hurt Sophie-tzu quite badly.

I made a rather interesting discovery, also: a curious enameled chest (which Ameiko-ren later referred to as Tian) containing, among other things, a hairpin and a gold fan with a map on the back. It was our surmise that this map led to the location of the treasure the goblins mentioned, and therefore the strange pale men who had taken it. (Such creatures are a part of local folklore, although our guide did not give them much credence.) We shall set out this morning to investigate. Although I am being pulled away from my intended studies, I have every expectation that this excursion will lead to another path of knowledge.

Until we meet again, your respectful student,



Note to self: get a leash for Tally.

  • Look in to drugs for calming emotions
Teak's Journal: Notes (1)

These people are extremely weird. I think they have a duck following them. They are a violent bunch.

I do not like this “Sophie” woman. She’s an idiot and she wants to attack me. She continues to call me a child, despite my excessive protests, and it’s very annoying.

Kaleth is doing well with these battles. His training has gone well, it seems! But I wonder how this party will do, as we seem to get along… oddly. Though I suppose we fight decently enough together. And it’s not like we’ll be a group for too long, anyway.

Note to self: the goblin chief is more than a bit of an idiot, but he was helpful in discovering who attacked the goblin village. And he is entertaining.

Sophie cut the chief’s head off and brought it back. Tomorrow we will follow the trail that was found and attempt to talk with the swamp witch. I hope it goes over well.

Roux: An Inquest of Shipwrecks

Dear Feliu-rhi,

I send my kindest felicitations and blessings for you and your kin, and undertake with eagerness the pleasure of writing your honored self.

We have been continuing our investigation of the path upon which we have been set. We left in the morning to meet with the swamp witch. Sophie-tzu was still asleep, so we departed without her and left instructions for her to meet us. The home of the swamp witch appeared quite abandoned, and the others took that as license to simply force the door open and walk inside. Is that an accepted custom out here?

We encountered some very unpleasant rats in the process. I am ashamed to say that I did not achieve my best against them. A ratling—most likely the witch’s familiar—used a spell-ability (as far as I surmised) on me, and I ran. It gave me scant comfort that Tallus-tzu suffered the same effect. If I cannot control my own mind, I cannot hope to succeed. And in front of the others, too. Shalelu-rhes told me that as long as I learned something from the experience, it was not shameful. I know your honored self has made similar statements in the past.

In any event, we found the witch—or what remained of her. A spell she had attempted had clearly not gone as she would have wished it. We did find a map, however, which depicted two shipwrecks and a system of caves. We agreed that we would visit the shipwrecks first, and see what information we could glean from them. On the way, we found a river monster, and Sophie-tzu had me ride on her shoulders—which was rather childish, but also rather enjoyable.

The first was rather barren, but I copied the writing on the side of the ship to show Ameiko-ren. The second contained some skeletons, which came to life upon our approach! Nate-tzu took the name of this ship as well. When we returned to town, we asked Ameiko-ren to translate. She said the writing was Tien, and peculiarly, her family name was part of the ship’s name. She was unaware of any possible connection, but asked us to apprise her of any further information.

Everyone else was quite rambunctious later in the evening, and Nate-tzu set off fireworks. Tallus-tzu and I took tea on the roof. I believe we may be developing a rapport. He is even making an effort to learn proper speech and expressions!

Tomorrow, we shall be exploring the cave system. I have every hope that we will find some answers to this mystery that has confronted us, and advance my skills in the process. I have learned several new spells in my studies, and believe I finally understand now how to channel spells through one’s weapon. I am sure I shall have occasion to attempt it tomorrow.

Until we meet again, your respectful student,


Cortez: Revista Segundo

I conquistó dos barcos. El primer barco no ofreció resistencia, pero la segunda nave, ahora que era interesante.


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