Desnus 27: Given Goblin extermination mission from Ameiko. Met Walthus. Raided Licktoad Goblin camp.

Desnus 28: Visited Old Megus’ Shack. Investigated Shipwrecks. Run in with the Soggy River Monster

Desnus 29: Investigated Brinestump Caverns. Found Letter from Rokuro Kaijitsu.

Desnus 30: Set out on Journey

Desnus 31-Sarenreth 14: Caravan Travels

Sarenreth 15: Arrive at Brinewall. Ameiko falls into a coma. Investigation of Brinewall village and Begin investigation of Brinewall Castle. Met Kikonu, Met Spivey

Sarenreth 16: Met Ziaobe

Sarenreth 17: Faced and Killed Kikonu. Zaiobe betrayed party.

Sarenreth 18: Met Kelda Oxgutter. Faced Nindinzego and Met Rokuro Kaijitsu’s Wraith. Spivey joins the party. Opened the box. Fled Brinewall

Sarenreth 19-29: Traveling North. Bloodfeather raven noticed first on the 22nd.

Sarenreth 30: Ambused at Skalsbridge. Arrival of Si’r

Erastus 1 -Erastus 2: Travel North

Erastus 3: Arrive at Kalsgard. Sell Boat.

Erastus 4: Begin seeking Guide and Sword. Meet Kei.

Erastus 5: Meet Fynn Snaevald and Uksahkka. Raid on Asvig Longthews’ Farm. Drunken Revelry

Erastus 6: Kayak lessons and a Giant Crab. Adventure on a burning Longboat. Met Corpse of Snorri Stoneye. Fought Earth Elemental at Temple of Shelyn. Met Yin-Po. Ukshahkka Kidnapped.

Erastus 7: Met Helgarvaal. Accosted by Gorvald Thrimbyrson about his dogs. Investigation of the Rime-Runners Guild. Busted at night investigation.

Erastus 8: Death of Luma Urtillia. Journey to Ravenscraeg. Ooze encounter. Climb stairs. Encounter Spider-eater and defeat it in sublimely hilarious fashion. Retreat to rest. Ninja Ambush.

Erastus 9: Climb Stairs, Ninja Ambush. Enter Ravenscraeg. Disperse swarms. Ambush Ninja and Thugs. Meet Lute Haggersly. Defeat Jorgan the Axe. Face off against Wodes, Retreat back to Kalsgarde.

Erastus 10: Met Roux’s older brother. Shopping, Wand Making, Sniper incident. Ride back to Ravenscraeg.

Erastus 11: Poisoned Rations, Return to Ravenscraeg. Found Suishen, bluffed Trolls, Faced Omoyani, fought Giant Hand, Killed Goti Runecaster and Wodes, Fought living statues. Faced Kimandatsu, saved Skygni, Ulf and Ukshahkka. Ventured back

Erastus 12: Returned to Kalsgarde. Met Svein Bloodeagle, Celebration

Erastus 13-19th: Preparations

Erastus 20: Departure

Erastus 21- Arodus 2: Uneventful travel

Arodus 3: First night sighting of red eyes

Arodus 4: Dead birds, Whispers in the night

Arodus 5: Silent day, Unsettling prophecy

Arodus 6: Rations destroyed, reached Motheim, bedroom visitations

Arodus 7: Cemetary incident, caravan sabotaged. More bedroom visits

Arodus 8. Showdown with the Red Bishop. Motheim Vanishes

Arodus 9-16: Travel

Arodus 17: Reached Giant-downs of Urjuk. Antagonized and fought a frost giant and his pet, Mistivir

Arodus 18-26 Travel, chose the Lake Path

Arodus 27: Bear Attack!


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