The Forest of Spirits (Alpha Group)

Sophie: They see me smashin', they hatin'

This place is giant waste of time. This is all the witches fault, if she hadn’t been messing around all the time, with the hocus pocus, we wouldn’t be having such bad luck. Mom always said, “witches are bad luck.” As Cortez likes to say, “brujas ser puta y le puede costar su riqueza, mejor simplemente club de ellos y dejarlos en puntadas.” Also, Tallus was being a big crybaby because some kid was picking on him. The kid was kinda creepy, also a liar, but there really wasn’t any reason to cry about it. Maybe being old makes you sadder and more pathetic. I’m going to be awesome when I’m old, I’m not going to be a sad Tallus. I feel like I’m forgetting something. Right! There was this huge bat that almost stole our midget! Honestly, everyone knows you put short people in bags first, before you steal them. I got a short thinger in a bag. I’m going to wack something with it. That’s what you do with them once you put them in the bag, you sneak up on someone and wack them with it. You can also use a goat. A goat in a bag is an acceptable alternative to a short person, or short thinger, as the case may be. Once said thing is in the bag you wait for opportune moment then, Bam! Right in the bum! and they fall over. That is what they call, practical. Sadly, there is not many people for wacking. Noisy birds everywhere, but no people. They need to get some exterminators out here, these birds are a real problem. No matter how many you clobber they just keep popping up. I can’t even bust down a few doors in peace with all the screeching going on. Accomodations are seriously lacking overall. They don’t even having a doggy bath for Nathan. This castle needs more class and I plan to complain to the owner.



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